Shooting Happy Mother’s Day 2023

For Mother’s Day 2023, I thought of decorating the bellies of 6 beautiful women who are expecting or have just given birth to a new life. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn more about and explore this topic through the interviews collected by Claudia Florian.

Jennifer “The most beautiful thing is to feel that there is someone in there.”

Jessica “Moms today have to be super at everything! Super fit, multitasking, never feel tired!!!, but we often forget that behind a Mom is always a Woman, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Partner.”

Federica “The very first emotion was amazement and joy, but also fear.”

Marilia ” I realized the importance of our bodies, of what we can create.”

Maria “On the labor sphere, they tried to investigate whether it was an intended pregnancy or not. It was not a good feeling.”

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Ph Laura Benaglia

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