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About Us

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Hi I'm Julia, the #fioristasocial

After a 10-year career in fashion in Milan, I decided in 2020 to follow in my parents’ footsteps and run the family business, Il Mercatino dei Fiori, together.

Father Emilio and Mother Luisa, are originally from Liguria. My father’s family was involved in the cultivation of some varieties of flowers in Bordighera, which they made known throughout northern Italy through their wholesale business.

In the 1970s’ my father fell in love with a store in Milan, so that he decided to open one in Meda together with his Brothers.

Twenty years ago, the need to have “home and store” drove him, together with my mother, to open Il Mercatino dei Fiori in Carate Brianza.

What makes the difference?

My passion for this work, my family’s tradition, and my experience in fashion lead me every day to create special products and fittings designed down to the smallest detail, paying close attention to trends and the study of color.

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